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Location: Temple of Five

Next Steps:

The waves surrounding the Water Elementalist slowly ebb away into the ground. She is left in the middle of a puddle, looking tired and bedraggled.

Water Elementalist:

Ahh, you have studied well to be able to best me in open combat.
I can see that your moves flow like the water, adapting to any situation that may arise. Continue on this path, and you may indeed become the hero that this world so sorely needs.

Earth Elementalist:

Yes, I was right to have faith in you when you arrived here.
You have shown a keen understanding of how to use the elemental powers to your advantage, and so it is that I will send you on to your next challenge with the Metal Elementalist. He is living proof that man is nothing without his alloys, heh heh, but you'll do just fine if you strike while the iron is hot or rust out his defenses.