Troll Toga

This worn deerskin wrap used to belong to one of the local 'club men'. Hopefully this doesn't mean that there's a naked troll wandering around somewhere...

Location(s): Troll Pit, Green Leaf Bridge

Type: Armor

Defense Power: 4

Critical Chance: 0%


  • 40% Chance of Stench (+3 Defense)
  • Your disgusting Troll Toga is so smelly that no one dares go near you!
  • 5% Chance of Washed (-10 Defense vs Beast)
  • (Enemy's) attack has washed some of the filth off of your Troll Toga!

Required Level: 10

Sell Value: 300

Obtained By: Random Loot from Troll Lummoxes, Rowdy Trolls, and Soggy Troll.