Location banner Troll Pit

Most Trolls are messy, lazy, callous and slovenly. As such, their homes reflect their personalities right down to the overpowering odor.


Character Family Type Attack Defense Quest Required? Loot
Phun Gai smallPhun Gai Beast 5 1 -
Degenerate Zombie smallDegenerate Zombie Dark 10 5 - Zombie Hand
Zombling smallZombling Dark 13 2 - -
Germite Crab smallGermite Crab Beast 14 10 - Plush Bunnies
Rowdy Trolls smallRowdy Trolls Beast 14 6 - Troll Toga
Green Slime smallGreen Slime Dark 13 4 - Slime Ball


Soggy Troll smallSoggy Troll Beast 15 6 - Troll Toga
Troll Lummoxes smallTroll Lummoxes Beast 17 5 - Troll Toga
Goblin of Metal smallGoblin of Metal (R) Beast 23 0 - 10 x Enchanted Energy

Seeking StrategyEdit

Blessed Hammer works wonders here when dealing with Dark characters, which is what we have to seek for the quest. If you want to seek for other characters here, weapons dealing Beasts are recommended.

Goblin of Metal is a rare character and can only be encountered after completing Chapter 2.


Slime Ball Small Zombie Hand small Troll Toga small



Side QuestsEdit

The following quests are located in Troll Pit:

Chapter 2: Troll in TrainingEdit

This quest starts in Ivory City and is continued in Troll Pit.