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The grasses of Lostman's field can grow to be taller than a man, and their densely packed stalks make for a difficult hike-- if you can remember which way you are going. Hidden deep in the heart of this dense field of yellow stalks is the Temple of Five, a small ring of grass huts designed to blend in with the surrounding terrain. Look across the field from any direction and you will not see it. The village itself may not seem like much to look at either-- just a wide circle of ground with huts and fire pits along its edge, but the ground itself hums with an inexplicable energy. People peer out of their huts at you: a beautiful young girl who moves with smoothness and grace, an old man with a bushy beard and earth-caked clothes and a bald man with dark skin who, despite the hot weather, is wearing jointed metallic armor.


Character Family Type Attack Defense Quest Required? Loot
Earth Elementalist small Earth Elementalist Humanoid Variable Variable - Baton of Earth
Fire Elementalist small Fire Elementalist Humanoid Variable Variable - Baton of Fire
Metal Elementalist small Metal Elementalist Humanoid Variable Variable - Baton of Metal
Water Elementalist small Water Elementalist Humanoid Variable Variable - Baton of Water
Wood Elementalist small Wood Elementalist Humanoid Variable Variable - Baton of Wood
Grass Gremble small Grass Gremble Beast 2 0 - -
Smarmy Rival small Smarmy Rival Humanoid 2 1 - -
Sparring Partner small Sparring Partner Humanoid 3 1 - -
Drill Instructor small Drill Instructor Humanoid 4 0 - -
Goblin of Earth small Goblin of Earth (R) Beast 12 0 Yes 50 x Elemental Embrocation

Seeking StrategyEdit

The five elementalist have level-dependent traits, so the general strategy would be to use the best available weapon (Ice and Arcane weapons will get a bonus). "Farming" these elementalists is a good way to collect a supply of Elemental Embrocation potions which can then be sold on the trading forums or used when facing stronger enemies.

The Goblin of Earth is a rare character and can only be encountered after completion of Chapter 1.


Elemental Embrocation small Baton of Earth small Baton of Fire small Baton of Metal small Baton of Water small Baton of Wood small




  • Replacement of the Temple of Five, which became obsolete after the change in the gameplay and intro. It was later removed, so new Seekers start in Esert Village. Seekers who started the game before it was removed can still travel there though. During the Christmas in July Event, it was reintroduced in the event game line.
  • Starting from November 15, every Seeker was allowed to access Training Camp by starting a Side Quest in Esert Village (even those which didn't unlock it during Christmas in July).
  • For a short period (during and after Christmas in July), workshop included three training manuals:
Training Manual - Enchanted Training Manual - Enchanted Training Manual - PreciseTraining Manual - Precise Training Manual - Strong Training Manual - Strong
However, since they all require 10 training scrolls (and a maximum of 3 can be acquired in the game currently), it was never possible to purchase them.