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Location: Temple of Five

Next Steps:

An old man with a bushy white beard and mustache strides toward you from across the camp. He is coated with a layer of dust, but his smile is clean enough.

Welcome, stranger! Old Enrick sent word that you would be arriving! Let's not waste any more time, there's a rebellion afoot!

Everything in this world is bound to the elemental planes of FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER, and WOOD. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses in relation to the others.
For example: Fire can easily scorch Wood and melt Metal, but it can also be doused by Water or smothered by Earth.

Here at our humble temple, you will spar with masters representing each of the five elements. You must learn their weaknesses in order to defeat them and progress through your training.

To begin your tests, use these elementally enchanted batons. They aren't much in a real fight, but they will teach you the importance of elemental powers. Only the correct elements will be victorious!

Your first opponent will be the Wood Elementalist. If you find yourself caught in her vines, remember that plants wilt in the heat or can be cut by the blade.

You must defeat each elementalist three times to continue through the test. Good luck!

You have received: 1 x Baton of Earth

You have received: 1 x Baton of Fire

You have received: 1 x Baton of Metal

You have received: 1 x Baton of Water

You have received: 1 x Baton of Wood

  • Using the proper Elemental Power Type will give you a great advantage in combat against weaker power types.