Location: Ted's Farm, Mangled Forest

I Defeated the Joyous Reaper!

I reduced the fearsome Joyous Reaper to a pile of dust and hay! Now, it's off to the Mangled Forest, to investigate the Bandit King and his goblin minions.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Travel to the Mangled Forest to interrogate the Bandit King's goblin forces.

The Joyous Reaper collapses into a dusty cloud of chaff and musty smelling hay.

Farmer Ted, who had been cheering you on from a safe distance, runs up to pat you on the back.

CutScene FarmerTedFarmer Ted
Yee-Haw! Ya sure showed him a thing or two! With that Reaper gone, my farm should be churnin' out taters in no time!

Now let's bag the Bandit King. He's a right ornery brat, that one. He hides out in the Mangled Forest, behind a gaggle'a goblins and some rusty old robots he swiped from a Tech faction convoy.

But for all his henchmen, he's still a kid hidin' in the woods. I think the best bet to get'em is to put the squeeze on his Goblin lieutenants. They're a cowardly folk, and won't think twice about betraying him to save their own hide.

CutScene MangledForest
You may now travel to Mangled Forest.
CutScene Basic Energy
You have received: 20 x Basic Energy