Location: Ted's Farm

I Found the Joyous Reaper!

I successfully subdued an uprising at Ted’s Farm! The workers are all back at their stations, but now I have to defeat the Joyous Reaper in order to free them from Zeruul’s influence. That sickle looks pretty sharp...

New Objective Unlocked!

  • - Defeat the Joyous Reaper 6 times to free Ted's Farm from his control.

As you put the last of the farm hands back into line with a whack of your spade, you hear the swish of a blade through the air. A lanky figure comes loping toward you, grinning blankly and wielding a scythe.
CutScene JoyousReaperJoyous Reaper
Hoo hoo ha! More fodder for the sickle! More grain for the mill!

Master Zeruul has put me in charge of cutting down all the weeds in this garden. Hold still, little dandelions, and it won’t hurt all that much! Hee hee hoo!