Location: Ted's Farm

I Got the Harvest Charm!

Ted gave me the Harvest Charm, to aid in my battle against the Joyous Reaper!

New Objective Unlocked!

- The Harvest Charm is a type of Accessory equipment. Accessories add traits and abilities that can increase your attack or defense power in interesting ways. Click the Equipment item under the Inventory menu button above to learn more.

You manage to give the Joyous Reaper a good whack with the flat of your spade, stunning it momentarily. While it's down, Farmer Ted comes puffing up to you, holding something in his hand.
CutScene FarmerTedFarmer Ted
Jumpin' jitterslugs! Not another one of these canvas contraptions! Every now and again, one of these trouble makers comes out of the ground and starts casting his witchcraft!
Luckily I've dealt with their kind before. I know just the thing to send him packing.

Here, take this Harvest Charm, it should give you quite the edge over this pest.

CutScene HarvestCharmYou have received: 1 x Harvest Charm