Location banner The Dead Camp

Wrapped in a shroud of perpetual twilight, the Dead Camp clings to the side of Ivory City like a festering wound. From here, the restless dead are dispatched to all areas of the city, to enforce the Mythmonger’s laws and interrogate suspected rebels. In the tall tower, in the highest room, sits Lt. Graves, Inquisitor First Class, waiting in a trance for orders from his master. The Mythmonger has promised to build Lt. Graves a headquarters within the city soon-- if Graves can eliminate the Ivory Knights.


Family Type
Quest Required?
Degenerate Zombie small Degenerate Zombie Dark 10 5 -

Grave Energy, Superior Energy, Whitestone Shard, Zombie Hand

Ghoul Enforcer smallGhoul Enforcer Dark 12 2 - Grave Energy
Zombling smallZombling Dark 13 2 - Superior Energy, Whitestone Shard
Skeletal Fletcher small Skeletal Fletcher Dark 16 6 Yes Grave Energy,

Skull Cap, Superior Energy

Rickety Skeleton small Rickety Skeleton Dark 18 5 Yes Grave Energy,

Skull Cap, Superior Energy, Whitestone Shard

Burrowing Beetle small Burrowing Beetle (R) Beast 18 0 - Enchanted Energy, Skull Cap, Zombie Hand
Bone Soldier small Bone Soldier Dark 22 5 Yes Dented Cuirass, Grave Energy, Skull Cap, Whitestone Shard
Lt. Graves small Lt. Graves Dark 23 7 Yes Ghoul Gorget

Seeking StrategyEdit

Almost all characters in this location are Dark (vulnerable to Fire and Arcane power types), so using the best Fire/Arcane weapon available is recommended. Blessed Hammer or Smoldering Torch are the best (regular) weapons available to use at this point.


Dented Cuirass small Ghoul Gorget small Skull Cap small Zombie Hand small



Side QuestsEdit

There are two Side Quests starting in The Dead Camp. Both of them are unlocked after completing A Surprise Visitor main quest (Chapter 6).

Chapter 2: Grave DiggerEdit

Chapter 2: ThrillerEdit