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Next Steps:

  • Travel to Ted's Farm to provide aid and ask about the attacks on Esert.

You finally arrive at the Temple of Five and are greeted by three acolytes who carry Enrick away to rest in a nearby tent. The Earth Elementalist approaches you with a grave look on his face.
Our scouts have brought us reports of numerous fires burning in the Village of Esert. They say that the MythMonger was also spotted there with hordes of Goblin minions.

You fought bravely and the people of Esert are truly grateful for your efforts. We will be sending relief aid to the village to assist in rebuilding it, and some extra units to help defend against further attacks, but they won't last for long.

You must root out the source of the attacks. The MythMonger no doubt riled up the local Goblin population. There's a farm on the outskirts of Esert owned by a man named Ted. He constantly deals with raids on his farm and would best know where to find them. Speak with him, assist him in any way you can and stop the raids on Esert.

Return to us when you are finished. In the meantime, we will keep Enrick stable and watch over his condition. Fear not, our acolytes are trained well in healing magic, but his condition may not hold, so return quickly.

Good luck, Seeker.

CutScene TedsFarm Travel to Ted's Farm.

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