I found the Bandit King's Forest Hideout, but a robot wall blocked my way! I need to go back to Esert and see if there's anyone who can help me.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Return to Esert and ask the equipment merchant how to deal with the Robots guarding the Bandit King's hideout. Perhaps the equipment shop has something for just this occasion.

You find the place that the Goblin Captain marked on your map, but a large contingent of guards blocks your way into the Bandit King’s Hideout. An abundance of armed goblins squabble and chatter over scraps, and a line of big, boxy robots are milling about in front of the gates.

You inspect your current weapons, and realize that they are unlikely to scratch any opponent made of solid brass.

Perhaps the weapons merchant in Esert may have some suggestions on how to deal with this situation.