Below is an unofficial price guide for Levynlight for tradeable items. Please note that because prices are very dynamic, this list may become outdated quickly.

Also see this thread in the forum.

Resource Items MM Gold
Superior Energy Icon Superior Energy 200-300

Chapter 2
Emeralite Emeralite Ore 2k-7k
Emeralite Shard Emeralite Shard ?
Whitestone Ore Whitestone Ore 100
Whitestone Shard Whitestone Shard 10

Chapter 3
Bear Hair Bear Hair 75-100
Energy-Binding Arrowheads Energy-Binding Arrowheads 800-1200
Rawhide Strips Rawhide Strips 590-700
Rotten Banana Rotten Banana 75-100

Chapter 4
Discarded Board Discarded Board 85-100
Green Mold Green Mold 40-100
Music Box Music Box 90-100
Newt Slime Newt Slime 80-175

Chapter 5
Gadget Gadget 55-100

Map Piece 1 Map Piece #1, #2, #3, #4

Widget Widget 300-450

Chapter 6
Barnacled Widget Barnacled Widget 350-450
Catalyst Crystal Catalyst Crystal 250-300
Grungy Gadget Grungy Gadget 400-500
Stone of Summoning Stone of Summoning 240-250

MM Gold
Duelist's Wheellock Duelist's Wheellock 40k-50k
Forge Hammer Forge Hammer* 6k-12k
Hammer of the Crow Hammer of the Crow* ?
Jeweled Scimitar Jeweled Scimitar* 10k
Sanguine Talons Sanguine Talons* 10k
Tyrant Cleaver Tyrant Cleaver* 15k-30k
* = Rarest Weapon
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