Location: Esert Village Goal: Defeat 3 Training Dummies.
Note: This quest has been replaced by the tutorial - the form is different, but the quest is still there.

I became a Seeker!

Today, I learned that I am a Seeker, born of light, destined to battle the Mythmonger! Enrick taught me how to use a Seeker Stone.

Next Steps

  • - Click PLAY on the glowing gem above to start combat.
  • - This glowing gem is called your Seeker Stone, a magical stone that allows you to seek out your enemies. We'll tell you more about it later.

You stumble into a small village, hungry and confused about how you got there. A frail old man smiles and approaches you, squinting his eyes to better focus on your face. His face lights up with surprise and wonder...
Cutscene Enrick LeftEnrick
By the Light of the Levyn, a Seeker! Don't just stand there! Please, come closer! This is the village of Esert, and I am Master Enrick.

You are a Seeker, whether you know it or not. . . a chosen one of light, born with an ancient and magical ability to find truths and unearth secrets. You must use your talents to help overthrow our oppressor, Zeruul the Mythmonger.

Let's start with something simple and see how well you can whack a training dummy!

CutScene Wooden Sword
You have received: 1 x Wooden Sword