Location banner Mangled Forest

Long ago these woods were known as the Century Grove. The trees which grew here were strong and hundreds of years old. Travellers passing through the grove would emerge with an overwhelming sense of peace. But the peace did not last. The Technology Faction, with its ever-growing need of resources began to deforest the grove. The Nature Faction was outraged and fought to stop the clear-cutting, but during the battle the grove caught fire and was almost completely destroyed. In the time since, the grove has regrown. But the once-peaceful spirits of the grove have been scorned. Instead of an inviting peaceful grove, a dark twisted forest grows in its place. Over time, the grove has become known as the Mangled Forest. Many dark secrets lie hidden within the depths of the Mangled Forest.


Character Family Type Attack Defense Quest Required? Loot
The Scarred Man small The Scarred Man Humanoid Variable Variable Yes Journal Entry III
Goblin Runt small Goblin Runt Beast 3 1 - Goblin Captain Energy
Phun Gai small Phun Gai Beast 5 1 Yes

Basic Energy, Mushroom

Snap Dragon small Snap Dragon Beast 6 0 Yes Basic Energy, Dragon Herb
Goblin Goon small Goblin Goon Beast 7 1 - Goblin Captain Energy, Knobby Cudgel
Small Bear small Small Bear Beast 8 1 - Basic Energy
Highwayman small Highwayman Humanoid 9 2 - Bandit Duster, Basic Energy, Goblin Captain Energy
Goblin Captain small Goblin Captain Beast 12 0 - Goblin Medal
Enchanted Goblin small Enchanted Goblin Beast 19 3 Yes Basic Energy
1-0 and 0-1 small 1-0 and 0-1 (R) Construct 22 0 Yes Goblin Medal

Seeking StrategyEdit

Your Farm Spade will have lower defeating rate here, yet remain effective in conjunction with an armour such as Padded Vest. Hatchet works very well here and can be a good purchase if you want to improve your defeating rate.

1-0 and 0-1 is a rare character and can only be encountered after completion of Chapter 1.


Bandit Duster small Goblin Medal small Knobby Cudgel small



Side QuestsEdit

The following Side Quests are available at the Mangled Forest:

Chapter 1: Rogue's ListEdit

This quest is repeatable, but it's unavailable after reaching lvl 14.

Chapter 1: Enchanted GoblinEdit

Chapter 1: The Scarred Man's Journal IIIEdit

Chapter 1: Goblin SmasherEdit