These are the main story-line quests for LevynLight. The following information may contain MAJOR SPOILERS for the game.

Other quests can be found in the game but those are Side Quests and are not necessary to complete the main storyline of the game.


Chapter 1Edit

This chapter introduces the basic gameplay and the goblin society.

Locations Quest Series Rewards
Esert Village small CutScene TedsFarm CutScene MangledForest CutScene ForestHideout None
Number of (new): Objectives 19
Characters 23
Weapons / Support / Potions 7 / 7 / 0
Armor 5

Chapter 1: Seeker TrainingEdit

Chapter 1: The Defense of EsertEdit

Chapter 1: Ted's FarmEdit

Chapter 1: Mangled ForestEdit

Chapter 1: Forest HideoutEdit

Chapter 1: Healing EnrickEdit


Chapter 2Edit

This chapter focuses on recruitment of Ivory Knights and ambush of the dead camp.

Locations Quest Series Rewards
CutScene IvoryCity CutScene Kurston CutScene GreenLeafBridge CutScene TrollPit CutScene TheDeathCamp None
Number of (new): Objectives 16
Characters 29
Weapons / Support / Potions 6 / 6 / 3
Armor 5

Chapter 2: Ivory KnightsEdit

Chapter 2: RecruitmentEdit

Chapter 2: Undead CampEdit

Chapter 3Edit

This chapter introduces the Nature Faction and Peron Rihn, it's leader. Seekers must prove their worth to the Forest Rangers and save the Grevel Nub society.

Locations Quest Series Rewards
CutScene Ecorae CutScene GrevelNubArbor CutScene Nayavi CutScene RangersBow CutScene WingGuard
Number of (new): Objectives 8
Characters 23
Weapons / Support / Potions 5 / 0 / 2

Chapter 3: Enrick's PotionEdit

Chapter 3: Training With The RangersEdit

Chapter 3: Trouble in The ArborEdit

Chapter 4Edit

During this chapter, seekers must escape Kestrall's Oubliette. At the start of this chapter, seekers might not be able to travel to other location - it's good to have enough Basic Energy prepared (at least ~100).

Locations Quest Series Rewards
CutScene Ecorae CutScene Kestrall'sOubliette Golem Heart Thumbnail Abbys Baton Thumbnail
Number of (new): Objectives 10
Characters 19
Weapons / Support / Potions 2 / 1 / 1

Chapter 4: Escape the JailerEdit

Chapter 4: Find DaylightEdit

Chapter 4: A Change of HeartEdit

Chapter 5Edit

This chapter is mostly focused on the Technology Faction, led by Cog Lord Kelend. Due to it's size, it was originally released it two parts. Also, Children of Zeruul will appear during and after this chapter in various locations across Mythlands.

Locations Quest Series Rewards
CutScene Ecorae CutScene HedgeValley CutScene NewFeron, CutScene BlastSite, CutScene Hammer Falls CutScene HedgeGuardAmulet Fumarole small Pendant Ocarina Small CutScene The Bone Saw
Number of (new): Objectives 31
Characters 37
Weapons / Support / Potions 6 / 8 / 1
Armor 1

Chapter 5: Protect PeronEdit

Chapter 5: The Levyn and the LoggersEdit

Chapter 5: A Little Hole in the WallEdit

Chapter 5: The Subterranean TerrorEdit

Chapter 5: The Obsolete RobotEdit

Chapter 6Edit

The story revolves around Fontis Sapienta (residence of the Magic Faction), but takes place in several locations. Three of these locations have boss characters and encountering them will require special energies available only as loot. There is a total of six side quests unlocked during this chapter. Some of them are title challenges located in previous locations (The Dead Camp, Kestrall's Oubliette).

Locations Quest Series Rewards
CutScene FontisSapienta CutScene DaphneCove CutScene Sinkbot City CutScene Citrine Heart Grotto Embroidered Robes Small Mighty Sea Staff Small Mighty Rift Mirror Small
Number of (new): Objectives 29
Characters 35
Weapons / Support / Potions 5 / 2 / 2
Armor 1

Chapter 6: Sink Or SwimEdit

Chapter 6: The Guardian of the Citrine HeartEdit

Chapter 6: The Battle For Fontis SapientaEdit

Chapter 7Edit

This is a long chapter spread across several locations. There's a variety of new characters and five new side quests.

Locations Quest Series Rewards
CutScene Ecorae CutScene CharredLands CutScene Treeline Keep CutScene Jenner's Nest Mighty Energy Bow Small Epic Lightning Lute Small
Number of (new): Objectives 25
Characters 31
Weapons / Support / Potions 3 / 2 / 4
Armor 1

Chapter 7: Smoldering BetrayalEdit

Chapter 7: As the Crow FliesEdit

Chapter 7: Atop a Crumbling TowerEdit

Chapter 8Edit

This chapter is focused on defeating the undead Skeleton King Yorrick and his army and involves a single location. It may seem short, but Yorrick's guardians are very strong. Defeating them will require three different weapons and six energies from previous chapters, only two of which can be bought (see Chapter 8 summary for more info & guidelines). Fortunately, completing The Spirit Wall quest unlocks a series of side quests in different locations which can provide valuable resources, energies and support items.

Locations Quest Series Rewards
CutScene Yorrick's Requietory Epic Bone Saw Small Peacemaker's Sceptre Small
Number of (new): Objectives 5
Characters 12
Weapons / Support / Potions 3 / 2 / 1

Chapter 8: The Six GuardiansEdit

Chapter 9Edit

This chapter consists of three quest series and mostly focuses on Vril and it's residents. The third quest series can be confusing, since there aren't any step-by-step objectives (see Chapter 9 summary for help). Instead, seekers must defeat certain characters in the right order to trigger several cutscenes and unlock the final boss fight. Since these characters require special looted energies, this can take a while.

Locations Quest Series Rewards
Salt Mines L Salt Flats L CutScene Vril Vrilya Robes thumb
Number of (new): Objectives 11
Characters 16
Weapons / Support / Potions 7 / 0 / 1
Armor 1

Chapter 9: Shaky AllianceEdit

Chapter 9: Zeruul's ChildrenEdit

Chapter 9: Facing the VrilyaEdit

Chapter 10Edit

The story is focused on making a weapon powerful enough to defeat Zeruul, an epic quest which leads seekers through dangerous environments, including an interesting location which scares even Zeruul and his minions!

Locations Quest Series Rewards
CutScene Mt.Prometheus CutScene Dead Waters CutScene Ivory Spires True Eyeglass small Optimeter Small
Number of (new): Objectives 20
Characters 21
Weapons / Support / Potions 1 / 1 / 2

Chapter 10: Ancient LanguagesEdit

Chapter 10: Finding IngredientsEdit

Chapter 11Edit

The story is focused on the final confrontation with Zeruul. Of course, to get to Zeruul himself, seekers must first defeat his minions, spread through two locations. This chapter may look short on first, but beware: it's actually quite difficult. The objectives are often long and mostly require using different energies from older areas (see Chapter 11 summary for more info on this). Also, all characters (except Children of Zeruul) are dark and quite challenging!

Locations Quest Series Rewards
CutScene Zeruul's Army Fortress CutScene Zeruul's Castle Shadow Compass thumb Shadow Breastplate Small
Number of (new): Objectives 10
Characters 13
Weapons / Support / Potions 0 / 1 / 1
Armor 1

Chapter 11: Storm the FortressEdit

Chapter 11: Shadow's ShadowsEdit

Chapter 11: Zeruul's Shadow Edit

Chapter 12Edit

After being in a coma for 200 years, the seeker wakes up in a completely different time, dominated by technology. There are many new things to learn, which is why this chapter is quite short and mostly focused on a new feature - time travel. Using a special location called Agelink, seekers can travel back and forth between "future" (actually, present) and past locations. There are also "future" versions of some characters (same artwork) introduced, something which is further developed in later chapters, often through repaints.

Locations Quest Series Rewards
CutScene Agelink CutScene Eserton Gardening Spade small Hydropump Small
Number of (new):
Objectives 11
Characters 9
Weapons / Support / Potions 1 / 1 / 0

Chapter 12: Agelink Edit

Chapter 12: Tomorrow's News Edit

Chapter 12: Planting a Levyn Edit

Chapter 13Edit

The story focuses on the goblin society, which has changed dramatically in the last 2 centuries. This is a short chapter including a single, arena-based location. There's a new title, currently the only Seeker Title awarded after completing a main quest (instead of a side quest).

Locations Quest Series Rewards
CutScene Goblin Gauntlet Stomping Turtle Spike Small Elven Bow Small Dwarven Armor Small
Number of (new):
Objectives 9
Characters 9
Weapons / Support / Potions 1 / 1 / 1
Armor 1

Chapter 13: Pay the Toll Edit

Chapter 13: Arena Champion Edit

Chapter 14Edit

In this chapter, Seekers can choose between three different paths corresponding to different avatars and weapon classes. Each path is focused on one location but each quest line will eventually lead to some objectives in all three locations. There are many new characters, but almost half them are actually repaints.

Each path helps with obtaining a powerful weapon (Precise, Enchanted or Strong), while the final reward is an expert avatar. The total cost of these three weapons is no less than 1,800,000 gold, but completing the chapter requires only one path (others are optional).

Locations Quest Series Rewards
Lostmans desert small Mangled swamp small CutScene Pallid Peaks
Expert Avatars

Pandora's Jar Small Chakra small Clarent Small

Number of (new): Objectives 40
Characters 23
Weapons / Support / Potions 9 / 3 / 0

Chapter 14: Cross the Lostman's DesertEdit

Mage (Enchanted) Path

Chapter 14: Trudge Through the Mangled SwampEdit

Archer (Precise) Path

Chapter 14: Climb the Pallid PeaksEdit

Warrior (Strong) Path

Chapter 15Edit

This chapter will be released in 2 parts (due to the January/February 2012 events). The first part is focused on Ivory Ruins - what's left of once glorious Ivory City and defeating the fire mage that now terrorizes it. The second part is smaller and focused on defeating an elusive beast attracted only to a special volt.

Locations Quest Series Rewards
CutScene Ivory Ruins Catapult small Builder's Belt Small
Number of new: Objectives 17
Characters 13
Weapons / Support / Potions 1 / 1 / 0

Chapter 15: Old Enemies Edit

Chapter 15: The Rebuilding Effort Edit

Chapter 16Edit

This chapter is located in the East Core Abyss, a future and darker version of the East Core Quarry. It's a tier based area similar to East Core Mines (familiar to seekers who played Mythmonger) or King's Gauntlet in MouseHunt. There are 8 tiers and creatures in each tier can be sought only by using the tier-specific energy. E.C. Abyss - Tier 1 energy can be purchased for 750 gold, while the others are available as loot or through trading. For more details on this, see East Core Abyss (location page).

On each tier, a shard of Ravoth's power is hidden. The seekers must find all 8 shards in order to complete this chapter. This can be very time-consuming, but the next chapter will be released 3 months later, giving seekers enough time to complete this challenge.

Locations Quest Series Rewards
CutScene East Core Abyss None
Number of new: Objectives 10
Characters 5
Weapons / Support / Potions 0 / 8 / 1

Chapter 16: Into the AbyssEdit


The storyline for the final chapter is released on LevynLight Tourney Play Fanpage instead of in-game.

Finale: The Beginning of the EndEdit

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