Lightning Eel.png

A strange combination of circuity and fish, these cybernetic eels use their electrically augmented bodies to zap potential prey. The Sinkbots herd them for use as guard animals for their hidden city.

Location(s): Sinkbot City

First Appearance: Chapter 6

Attack Power: 42

Defense Power: 18

Family Type: Beast

Critical Chance: 4%


  • 34% Chance of Hydro Shock (+6 Attack)
  • Bolts of electricity crackle out from Lightning Eel's body, instantly shocking the water around it!
  • 60% Chance of Tail Slap (+4 Attack)
  • Lightning Eel slaps its electrified tail around your wrist!

Loot: U-Bot Energy small.png U-Bot EnergyGrungy Gadget.gif Grungy Gadget
Gold: Gold Icon.png 93 - 120

Energy Preference: None

Bronze 1 Silver 10 Gold 100 Badge Platinum.png 250

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