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Tucked away to the east of the Sagarfull Valley, life in this unimportant little village of foresters and fishermen has been unfortunately all too eventful for most of its existence. Founded long ago by a loud and obnoxious band of settlers, rumor has it they crossed paths with the wrong sort of witch (the wicked kind) and were given a few nasty words and some unpleasant gestures of dubiously magical origin that stripped the men of any good fortune they may have had. Down through the generations it seems the ill omen has been passed to all who reside here, making Kurston a hot spot for all manner of unpleasant and unlikely catastrophes. The locals chalk this all up to superstition and refuse to budge from their homes, no matter how many times they may have to rebuild them.


Family Type
Highwayman smallHighwayman Humanoid 9 2 - Bandit Duster
Town Oaf small Town Oaf Humanoid 11 3 -
Corrupt Militia small Corrupt Militia Humanoid 12 4 -
Fisherman small Fisherman Humanoid 12 3 -
Cutpurse smallCutpurse Humanoid 13 3 -
Traveling Musician small Traveling Musician Humanoid 14 5 -
Bungling Builder small Bungling Builder Humanoid 15 2 -
Groganon small Groganon (R) Humanoid 15 0 Yes 5 x Enhanced Energy

Seeking StrategyEdit

This location has next to zero significance on quest line so you wouldn't seek here normally. However, if you want to seek here, set-up working in Ivory City will work here.

Groganon is a rare character and can only be encountered after completion of Chapter 2.


Bandit Duster small Fierce Tonic small


Side QuestsEdit

The following side quests start in Kurston:

Chapter 2: Paraluna's Potion ShopEdit