Seeking the Bandit King

I defeated the Bandit King's Thugbots with my Discombobulator, but the King himself got away! I need to find some Bandit King energy, and quick.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Buy Bandit King Energy from the Goblin's shop,

-Defeat Goblin Captain, Thugbot and Highwayman to collect Bandit King Energy

-Use Bandit King Energy to defeat the Bandit King 10 times.

The Discombobulator roars to life, striking down every robot in its path. Soon, all of the Bandit King ’s robots lie in piles of smoking debris on the ground. A scrawny youth peers out over the wall of the fortress, a self-assured smirk on his face.
CutScene BanditKingBandit King
So, you want to tango with the Bandit King , eh, do-gooder? Well, it’ll take more than smashing some stupid robots to get into this hideout! I've got plenty more where those came from!

Now why don’t you get outta here and help some kittens cross a road or something?

The Bandit King makes a very rude gesture at you before retreating back into his hidey-hole. No sooner does he turn his back, a disgruntled-looking goblin hobbles up to you with it's arms raised.
Peace! Peace hooman! I no want to fight you no more! You big and strong, not like tiny King boss! I show you where he hides, for a couple of shinys! Other gobs know too, but they too scared of King's metal mans to help you. I help you good!
CutScene GoblinGoon RGoblin Goon

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