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A long time ago, Ivory City was a thriving market town, where members of the three factions could come to trade. The city’s guardian force, the Ivory Knights, kept peace between the varied residents of the city, and dreamed of a day when the factions would be able to co-operate for the greater good. Then, the Mythmonger invaded, forcibly uniting the land under an iron fist. Ivory City’s pristine white towers and bustling market square remain, but the Ivory Knights, and their ideals, have been forced into hiding.


Character Family Type Attack Defense Quest Required? Loot
Mayor's Idiot Son small Mayor's Idiot Son (R) Humanoid -3 0 Yes 3000 Gold
Glitch Goblin small Glitch Goblin Beast Variable Variable - -
Corrupt Militia smallCorrupt Militia Humanoid 12 4 - -
Ghoul Enforcer small Ghoul Enforcer Dark 12 2 Yes Grave Energy [1]
Cutpurse small Cutpurse Humanoid 13 3 - Pearl
Traveling Musician small Traveling Musician Humanoid 14 5 - -
Ivory squire smallIvory Squire Humanoid 15 6 Yes -
Raw Recruits small Raw Recruits Humanoid 16 4 Yes -
Screeching Bard small Screeching Bard Humanoid 17 2 - Basic Energy
Sell Sword small Sell Sword Humanoid 17 5 - -
  1. Dropped only during Unexpected Visitors main quest.

Seeking StrategyEdit

Characters are significantly stronger than before, so players are recommended to purchase one of the weapons available here when starting out. Blessed Hammer is the best since we mostly deal with Humanoid and Dark characters in Chapter 2. Short Sword is better for Constructs and Smoldering Torch is better for Beasts.

Mayor's Idiot Son is a rare character and can only be encountered after completing the Recruitment Quest Series.


Elemental Embrocation small



White Halfmail Small White Halfmail White Fancymail Small White Fancymail

Side QuestsEdit

The following Side Quests are available in Ivory City:

Chapter 2: Mining OreEdit

This quest is continued in East Core Quarry.

Chapter 2: Troll In TrainingEdit

Available after completing the Graves goes Under main quest. Continues in Troll Pit.

Chapter 2: Freedom FighterEdit

Available after completing the Security Detail main quest.