When you first begin playing LevynLight you will be guided through a training period by Enrick, during which you receive one Action per minute. Your training period ends after you complete Seeker Training.


A seeker can only go into battle when they have Actions stored up. Once you have completed training your Actions are reduced to 1 gained every 15 minutes with a maximum of 4 stored at any one time. Each time you level up your Actions are restored to the maximum. Each time you go into battle you use one action and one energy.


Energy is needed to charge the Seeker Stone that performs an action (seeking a battle or moving to a new location). Energy can be bought with gold (dropped by characters) at energy shops. Special types of energy (Goblin Captain, Mining, etc.) can be dropped by characters and/or bought at certain energy shops. You can also buy, from the premium shop, Superior Energy which gives the player 3 options to fight against; this is useful if you are trying to find certain characters to complete quests.


Quests are found throughout the game and provide a storyline for the player to follow. Completing quests helps you find new areas or gain loot and gold.

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