I Got Goblin Captain Energy!

After catching 15 Goblin Goons, one of my captives squealed! I got 5 Goblin Captain Energy to fight the goblin bosses.

New Objective Unlocked!

  • - Use Goblin Captain Energy collected from lesser Goblins to find 10 Goblin Captain.
  • - This unique type of energy is used to attract specific characters, such as bosses or important characters. You will find more of it in your journeys and it will assist you in your quests.

After a few successful scuffles, the local goblins begin to hop away into the underbrush, squealing. You catch a fleeing goblin by one ankle and ask it some choice questions.
CutScene GoblinGoonGoblin Goon
Gwarh! Let go! I not in charge. . . boss told me to fight da hoomans! Big Captain Gobs. . . them guys know what going on, I just follow orders!
You go crunch big bosses and leave me alone!

Goblin Captain Energy small You have received: 5 x Goblin Captain Energy