10 Goblin Captains

I caught 10 Goblin Captains! For a handful of worthless trinkets, one of the Goblin Captains told me where to find his boss, the Bandit King.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Travel to the Forest Hideout to confront the Bandit King.

After you round up a few arrogant looking Goblin Captains, a handful of shiny (but worthless) baubles convinces one to answer your questions.
CutScene GoblinCaptainGoblin Captain
Fah! Other pink human-thing tell us what to fight! He little man, ride on big metal man! Spend all day counting shiny gold and never giving us any! You let us go, and we tell you where King Man lives!
The goblin hurriedly scrawls a mark on your map, before hobbling off to count his treasure.

CutScene ForestHideout You may now travel to Forest Hideout