Location: Ted's Farm

I Found a Possessed Unicow!

Oh no! I found a possessed Unicow wandering around Ted's Farm! Ted thinks his workers may be bewitched. He gave me his Farm Spade to try and subdue them.

New Objective Unlocked!

CutScene FarmerTedFarmer Ted
Hoo-ee, we are in a heap o' trouble.

Nancy May'll do what she can for Enrick, but we've got problems of our own. My farm is gettin’ crazier than a Malkin with a migraine. First the livestock started actin’ strange, then the farm hands started kickin’ and shovin’ me. Now, even my dependable ol’ farm equipment is behavin’ all skittery!

I'm mad as a hornet with a hernia over what they did to my pal, Enrick. I hear y'all are looking for the ones who started the fightin'. It's that little punk the Bandit King, or I'm a Unicow. When we get my farm back in order, I’ll tell you all you need to know about that good-for-nothin' crook!

Now take this spade and get a-swingin’!

CutScene FarmSpade You have received: 1 x Farm Spade

  • The Farm Spade gives you an advantage against the opponents in Ted's Farm!
  • Superior Energy will allow you to pick from three different targets from your Seeker Stone, instead of encountering a random opponent.
  • During patrols, Superior Energy will grant you a 10% attack power bonus.
  • Additional Superior Energy can be purchased from special shops.
Superior Energy Icon
You have received: 10 x Superior Energy.