Location banner East Core Quarry

Mining and smithing has always been the job of the local town blacksmith, but the recent rise in the Seeker population has opened up new opportunities for expansion into this industry. The unique abilities of Seekers allows them to be expert prospectors, seeking out rare ores hidden beneath the dull rocks of this and many other mines and quarries. This quarry has plenty of basic ore and some valuable gems.


Character Family Type Attack Defense Quest Required? Loot
Whitestone Ore small Whitestone Ore Resource 6 0 - Emeralite Shard, Whitestone Ore, Whitestone Shard
Gold Nugget small Gold Nugget Resource 7 0 - Emeralite Shard, Whitestone Shard
Coal Sprike small Coal Sprike Construct 8 0 - Whitestone Shard
Emeralite small Emeralite Resource 10 0 - Emeralite, Emeralite Shard, Whitestone Shard
Dredger small Dredger Humanoid 10 0 - Emeralite Shard, Mining Energy, Superior Energy, Whitestone Shard
Silt Slug small Silt Slug Beast 12 3 - Emeralite Shard,Whitestone Shard
Pebble Golem small Pebble Golem Construct 18 0 - Emeralite Shard, Whitestone Shard
Flat Rockling small Flat Rockling (R) Construct 20 0 - 20 x Emeralite

Seeking StrategyEdit

When seeking for resources, Mining Energy and Pickaxe should be used. Basic Energy won't attract any resources, but it will attract the other characters. Flat Rockling is a rare character but can be encountered as soon as the Seeker can travel to the East Core Quarry.


Silverade small


Side QuestEdit

The following side quests are located in East Core Quarry:

Chapter 2: Mining OreEdit

This side quest starts in Ivory City and it is continued here.