My beloved mentor, Enrick, has been stabbed! I need to take him to a healer, but before I do, I must defend the village from a horde of goblins. Friends, join the fight against Zeruul before he burns your village, too!

New Objective Unlocked!

- Enrick, and Esert, are in danger! It's up to you to defeat the goblins, the minions Zeruul left behind. - Beat up 10 Goblin Runts to scare off the attacking force.

The clang of an alarm bell sends you running out of the Equipment Shop. Esert is on fire! You see Enrick in the town square, but you stay hidden, because out there, facing down your mentor, is a figure that has haunted your nightmares- Zeruul.
Zeruul LZeruul
Your pitiful rebellion will wither and die. Where are the Seekers, old man?
They’re far away, where you will never reach them!
Zeruul stabs Enrick through the chest with his spear.
Zeruul LZeruul
Maybe not, but I can reach you. And without your protection, those Seeker trainees are easy prey.