Bandit King Leaves Town

I defeated the Bandit King of Mangled Forest! Now, Esert Village can live free of his tyranny.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Return to Ted's Farm to tell him the good news and find out about Enrick's condition.

You pursue the Bandit King through his hideout. Every time you think you have him cornered, he manages to slip away at the last second. Finally, you catch on to his tricks and trap him in a small room. As he turns to face you for a final showdown, his rusty robotic mount seizes up and crashes to the ground. Defenseless and humiliated, he brushes himself off and surrenders.
CutScene BanditKingBandit King
Ok, ok, you got me. Can’t fool you like the others, eh? Got one of those creepy seeing stones I see.

Look, our business in the village was nothing personal. I’m just an employee, working for a much bigger power than myself. My boss has eyes everywhere, and he's gunna' know about this little escapade of yours. If I were you, I'd just go crawl back under the rock you came from. It's safer there, trust me.

But even the big man himself couldn’t deny that I’m beat. I’ve got no more goblins, no more bots and no more ideas. I’ll get my remaining boys to clear the roads and lay off your dumb village. Since I’m doing you a favor, you never saw nothing, right?


With a blast of steam and oxidized dust, the broken Thugbot suddenly ruptures and plunges you into blinding smog. When the room finally clears, the Bandit King is nowhere to be seen. Not even your Seeker Stone seems to know where he escaped to.

In his absence, the Bandit King's tiny empire crumbles into anarchy. The now unemployed goblins scamper back into the dark undergrowth looking for more mischief, and the dim-witted Thugbots amble about aimlessly, or simply power down.

Farmer Ted and the people of Esert will be pleased to hear that the threat to the village is gone.