Detailed Combat Description

Combat in LevynLight proceeds in several steps once the player chooses to Seek. The exact steps for determining the winner of a particular encounter are well understood.

Before: Determining the Enemy's TeamEdit

Before combat begins, an opponent is selected to fight based on the following things:

Players using Superior Energy are offered their choice of three opponents chosen based on the list above, which may or may not be different.


Once the opponent has been determined, all of the traits on both sides are checked to see if they activate. Each trait is checked independently and has a chance equal to the % listed on the Card.

Note that traits are not always able to activate. Traits which are "vs" a specific type, such as Construct will only activate if the opposing side is of that type. In this case, the equipment's trait would only activate if the character were a construct.

Power Total ComputationEdit

After all traits have been checked, each side's luck is checked - if that side 'feels lucky' their Turn Power is doubled. The final Total Power for each leader is computed as follows:



Special CasesEdit

Some power types deviate from this set of equations for determining Total Power. The only currently existing example is the Resource Family Type, which ignores defense from armor and traits, and reduces the player's power to 1 when not using the Pickaxe or Mattock.

Determining the Winner

The player's chance to win is determined as follows:

  • Roll a die for the Player to determine damage, with possible values from 1 to the Player's Turn Power (or zero to zero if the Player's Turn Power is zero).
  • Repeat previous step for Enemy.
  • Compare rolls, the side with the higher roll wins. The Player wins all ties.

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