You've proven yourself against your rival, but your real training has only just begun.

Some of your targets will be much harder to find, even with the magical powers of your Seeker Stone. To give you a better chance of finding them, you can super-charge your stone with Superior Energy. It's rare stuff, but well worth the price.

Your mission now is to seek out my esteemed Drill Instructor who is hiding in the village. She's a master of camouflage and will use every trick to try and evade you. Using Superior Energy will definitely make your task easier.

She's carrying small flags that you will have to take from her. Bring three of them back to me, and we'll continue your training.

CutScene SuperiorEnergy You have received: 15 x Superior Energy.
  • Superior Energy will allow you to pick from three different targets from your Seeker Stone, instead of encountering a random opponent.
  • During patrols, Superior Energy will grant you a 10% attack power bonus.
  • Click the Energy item under the Inventory menu button above to change the type of energy you're using to Superior Energy.
  • Additional Superior Energy can be purchased from special shops.

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