Location banner Agelink

This pocket in space and time suddenly appeared out of thin air. It's hard to say what exactly caused its appearance, but if one had to guess, the Glitch Goblins are to blame. They now run rampant causing mischief and headache to everyone who enters their domain. However, if clever and witty enough, you may manipulate their world to your will and be the better off for it! If clever enough, the gateway in the center of their world will open to anywhere your heart desires.


Family Type
Enemy Class
Quest Required?
Glitch Goblin small Glitch Goblin Beast Tough Variable Variable - -
Beta Tester small Beta Tester Beast Tough Variable Variable - -

Special InfoEdit

This is a unique, special location which allows Seekers to travel back and forth in time in order to reach locations before and after Chapter 12.

After traveling to Agelink, a list of all possible travel locations will be shown (a full map, including both past and future location versions). Seekers can then choose their travel destination.

Seeking StrategyEdit

This location's primary use is time-travel and it has less characters than any other location, both of which are attracted to Basic Energy in some future locations. Therefore, there's not much to seek here.


No pieces of special loot are available at Agelink.


No shops are available at Agelink.

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