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Location: Esert Village, Temple of Five

Next steps:

  • You may also click the Travel menu button above to travel to the Temple of Five.
  • Please note that if you choose to take a 'turn' to travel, as opposed to using gold, the encounter will take place at the following destination.

You hand over: Flag x 3.

Congratulations, young Seeker! Now that you know how to use your Seeker Stone in combat, I can tell you more about your purpose here.

Long ago, these lands were free and prosperous, but now the nefarious entity known only as Zeruul weaves his sorcery over our people and creatures, binding them to his will. His agents lurk in every alley, behind every tree. To most eyes, they are no different from you or I, but the power of your Seeker Stone can reveal their true allegiance. The ability to see the truth gives Seekers a chance to shake his grip on this world and win our freedom back!

But there is still much for you to learn. Travel North to theTemple of Five. There you will meet some friends of mine who can add more punch to your attacks!

Take this Initiate's Tunic with you, as well. It displays your rank, and will stave off the cold.

  • Click the Equipment item under the Inventory menu button above to view your new Initiate's Tunic.
  • The Initiate's Tunic is a piece of armor. The defensive power of armor will decrease your opponent's attack power.

You have received: 1 x Initiate's Tunic

Travel to Temple of Five.